It's time to Mesh around

Bye-Bye Bash, Hello Mesh! New name, new look, new demo, and big upgrades almost here

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What's a Mesh?

We've changed our name to MESH! Although we enjoyed our time as Bash, we're so much more than that.

A mesh is all about engagement and connections – which is what we do! We enable our users to fully mesh in a truly immersive event experience. From celebrations and gatherings to networking and conferences, we aim to help everyone connect better than in-real-life (and have more fun doing it!)

Anything else?

Always. We have a new look – the home page, blog, and everything in between. Transformative aesthetics with the same theme you've always enjoyed.

Speaking of our home page, checkout our new demo! Front and center, we want everyone visiting the page to understand Mesh in under a minute. Let us know what you think!


and of course, this is only scratching the surface of what we're releasing this week. Check back later for more platform altering improvements!

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