(Mega)PHONE HOME... plus Custom Object Links and UI Makeover

Weezy F. Baby would be proud of the Megaphone feature. Plus embed URLs on objects around the maps!

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In the past week, we've rolled out the largest updates to-date!


The new Megaphone feature is everything you've been waiting for – stream your video or screen share to the entire Mesh!


The screen option lets you Screen Share with everyone. Present a slide deck or stream a cute video of pandas!


Address everyone at the party with Video streaming!


Our old Announce feature is now called Link! Send any URL to everyone here, including support for external video conferencing services like Google Meet or Zooom.

Custom Object Links

We're making your Mesh even more customizable! Embed links for your guests to open up WITHIN Mesh, or in a new tab, for communal engagements. Supports Youtube videos and livestreams for viewing pleasure.

Admins will see which objects are compatible by hovering over various objects – they're all over the place!

OMG Makeover

In "treat yourself" manner, we've given our user interface an entire makeover!

That Precious Real Estate

New Inside Look

Your screen space – we've opened everything up! No more blue chat bar hogging the right side of the screen or chat bar spanning the top. You can now hide the chat box for even more open space as well.

Menu Bar

The new Windows 95 themed menu bar along the bottom makes adjusting your Mesh more dynamic than ever.


The megaphone button opens a list of options for broadcasting to the entire Mesh! Described in more detail above.


Open a list of every player inside the party – the host is in red text.


Zoom controls have been moved onto the menu bar as well.


When minimized, a chat icon will appear next to the settings button to unhide the chat box.


The gear icon will bring up the UI you're accustomed to with radio, volume, and

Character Customization

Character Customization Changes

Two reasons for this: cleaner look and mobile compatibility. Joining a Mesh has never been easier on mobile devices! This also reduces screen coverage on all devices so there less scrolling and more socializing!

We don't plan on slowing down feature rollouts anytime soon, stay tuned!

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