Private spaces and Poker faces

New games, pricing, and always-on spaces!

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Major changes released this week in the form of a new pricing model, minigames, object effects, bug fixes, and overall functionality!

Permanent Spaces

Bash will no longer limit customers to 3 hour events! Enjoy a permanent space associated with your account. This space comes with a custom URL that YOU get to choose – You and your team can save the link and enter this space whenever they want.

Scheduled break times √

Happy hours √

Poker time √

Whatever you want to use it for, your Bash space is always a link away!


To simplify for everyone involved, we are moving to a set price Freemium/Premium pricing model for subscription customers AND a price reduction for one-time events!


No more optimizing your capacity subscription for maximum usage – all spaces now have unlimited capacity – maxes out at 400 people! Invite external guests to your event without penalty.

The new flat rate pricing of our premium product is $100/month*, making Bash easier, and cheaper, to purchase than ever. Premium subscriptions give you access to everything Bash has to offer. Premium features include the Announce button (address everyone at the Bash), additional games (Poker and Codenames), and all future additions.

*billed annually; limited-time offer


Our free product still has everything you’ve come to love about Bash – Trivia, King’s Cup, Tag, and our free radio stations. We removed the time cap and capacity limit to allow much more free Bashing.

One-Time Events

Yes, these are also on special discounted pricing. Pay $5/user capacity for any one-time event thrown on Bash, best suited for trying out the premium product, special celebrations, and networking events. Everything in our Premium subscriptions for those looking for a trial before commitment.


We’re excited to introduce two more games to our platform with another SIX in the pipeline, to be released in the next two weeks.


Play the player, not the cards. We’re ecstatic to now offer Texas Hold’Em on our platform! Locate the Poker tables on both our House Party and Gala maps to unleash the Phil Ivey within.


Requiring 4+ players to start, Codenames is a game that will require keen intuition and facial secrecy. You are now a part of the red or blue spy agency and need to subtly recover your field operatives while avoiding the opposing team’s agents, the assassin, and innocent bystanders. Codebreakers select from a 5×5 grid of cards with hints from the Spymasters to recover their agents before the other team!

Object Effects

Bash has become more aesthetically pleasing and interactive with our most recent rollout. Notice new object highlights, tag redesign, musical notes, a smoking BBQ, and much more around our maps. Oh, and don’t forget the gnome.

We also added a radar under your video feed to make locating others a lot easier!

On the Horizon

  • A new map, Workspace, that will leave you wondering why you still have a Netflix subscription.
  • Six new games – DrawBattle, Catan, and more!
  • Customizable object interactions – add links that will popup inside your Bash interface
  • Bash VR
  • Ok, not really Bash VR

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