Confluent Kafka Summit 2021

Mesh was approached about Confluent’s Kafka 2021 Summit with one clear objective – attendees need engagement outside of the presentations. Conference-goers have two primary objectives: education and networking. The conference took place on MeetingPlay, a Hopin-like platform whose primary purpose is education. That's where Mesh came into play – a supplementary tool that could be fully integrated into he content delivery platform. While Mesh would have been able to handle the breakouts and presentations using the Megaphone feature, it was still able to excel at its core functionality – replicating in-person networking. Mesh is iframe compatible and was simply plugged into one of the MeetingPlay tabs, the “Summit Sphere”.

Attendees were able to take breaks between sessions and socialize with others. The asks were executed precisely to order:
1)   A space to mix-and-mingle
2)   Watch a DJ set with each other
3)   Play trivia with custom questions
4)   An instructional yoga session
5)   Somewhere to watch Kafka educational videos

We built Confluent a custom map with 5 rooms in the shape of the Kafka “K”, each containing one of the activities listed above. Custom artwork was added across the map to include summit locations like SanFrancisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, London’s Big Ben, and Singapore’s botanical garden. 

The event went off without any issues and attendees poured in as they took a chance to unwind from continuous webinars. Mesh was there every step on the way and offered live support the entire way through.  Almost 500 people joined across the two-day summit, all prepared in less than 3 weeks!

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